Every one of us has got their own demons living inside.
Every one of us is trying to control them, willing to hide
the dark sides of our soul even in front of ourselves.
But when the bell strikes every midnight at twelve
and the ghost hour unleashes them all uncontrollably,
we have to admit that it is impossible to flee.
That’s the moment when the monster’s hour strikes
and each of them especially likes

to find an individual kind of cruelty
just to enforce us to see
into our soul’s deepest abysses,
willing to delight our paralysis.
That takes away our breath immediately
and makes it one more time impossible for us to flee.

At that moment seconds become unbearable hours at least
and there is only one chance left to defeat these mental beasts:
Remember that the monsters don’t have any power at all,
if we are strong enough to ignore whatever they call.
If we don’t give them power over our mind
then there is nothing else that they can find
to torture us and to keep us under control.
So we have to banish the monsters of our soul.
For this, we have to accept our weakness and our dark sides, too,

instead of trying to hide, to avoid them as we would prefer to do.
We have to expose the ghosts and have to tear the mask off their face
and they won’t never ever find any other place
in our life from today and forever
and maybe they will come back again … never.


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