Everything in our lives seems so natural to be:
To be able to love, feel, taste and see.
Everything in our lives seems to be usual to you and me
and nobody thinks about how otherwise it could be.
Everything always seems to be going (on) right and well
and we ignore those who want to tell
something else, because we don’t want to think all
could change.
This seems to be the best way for us to arrange
that our breath isn’t taken away by our fears,
until after more or less many years
changes are brought, because life takes its course
and failure, sickness, and death show their force.

That’s the moment when we have to understand
that our life isn’t lying in our, but God’s hand.
Then we have to learn to set a new priority
and to accept what is inevitable to be.

That makes life less easy, but more valuable than
and suddenly we appreciate many things just a little bit more.
What a pity it is that we actually
first need such a change to see
the happiness of a normal day’s life indeed
and that there are a few things in life that we really need.

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