What is it that really matters in life?“,
a young man asked an old man and his wife.
They both looked around with a smile.
Their answer took a little while.
Then the old man took his wife’s hand
and said: „My love will never end.“.
The old wife took her husband’s hand, too
and said: „I will always love you“.
They several times kissed lovingly.
„This is the most important to be.
To be in love whatever you do
and to be honest with each other and honest with you.
To walk side by side through all storms of life
together with your family“, said the old man and his wife
said nothing, but gave him another kiss.
So the boy could see that there’s nothing to miss,
no matter if life treats you (un)fair or treats you (un)kind,
as long as you’ve got love in your heart and love in your mind.

The boy wasn’t experienced in life, but he immediately understood:
Learning from their experience was the best thing to do that he could.

He followed their advice and lived a contented, honest, loving life.
30 years later he was sitting at the same place together with his wife
when their son came over and asked them what life was about.
And he knew the answer immediately without a doubt.

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