Life can be so cruel, so unfair
and you don’t even have a chance to take care

of yourself, although you can see in the devil‘s eyes
the calamity that is willing to rise.
You should be able to fight against it, to defy,
without hopelessly asking „Why, why, why?“,
the freezing cold with its rigidity.
But your own vulnerability
prevents you from doing this
and makes every try a miss.
Your will can be tough,
but it isn‘t strong enough
to break fate’s merciless course
with death’s fatal force.
And together your heart and your soul
become an endless whole
without a bottom, without even a light
and no star of hope is shining bright.

It seems as if you’re falling down from above
and there’s no helping hand that is strong enough
to save you from damnation at all.

But if you’re listening you can hear a call
which comes right from the depth of your heart.
This is the voice of your most powerful part.
It’s the strength of your will to survive
and the most powerful force in life:
God‘s love that is surrounding you,
no matter what you are going to do.
No matter if you are young or old,
if you had paid your bills in life or sold
your soul to the darkness once upon a time.
No matter what happened before, God says you’re fine.

He’s willing to save you from all the bad
and he’s the light in life that had
no beginning, no end, that’s always there
and that‘s why in the end our fate can‘t be unfair.

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