I’m sitting lonely during this cold and scary night 
meanwhile the sun is shining outside.
Because of the sunlight no one else can see 
the dark shadows surrounding me.
They are like demons: fed by grief, anger, fear 
and I don’t know where to find a ghost hunter here. 
Monsters of darkness shout loudly from everywhere
and they’re writing my name – with fire and scare. 
Outside high noon is barely reached by the sun
meanwhile my inner nightmare has just begun. 
Before the darkness overwhelms me
there’s a small sparkling light that I can see: 
the fire of being loved, the strength of hope are shining bright
from the bottom of my heart, they’re willing to fight.
They unite with the desire to be strong, to survive 
and they give me new power to believe in life.
Led by the sword of love I defeat the monsters that night
and turn on my internal sunlight.
As a result – for today – the monsters will retreat,
but I know: this won’t be the last time we meet.

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