trembled and painted

Das mache ich doch mit Links …“ / „I’m going to do this with left“

( … which in German means as much as it’s easy to do although it has to be done with the left hand …)

… a simple, popular phrase that almost everyone knows.

As I’m a right-hander, however, this is more than just a „winged word“ for me, since Parkinson’s disease affects the right side of my body. I try to compensate the resulting motor restrictions in everyday life in the best possible way, just to do it „mit Links“ / with the left side.

This applies, among other things, to writing and drawing techniques, which only more or less well can be done from the (right) hand. That’s why I made a variety of my drawings to be found here completely or partially with the left hand … – just for information, if you should be interested …

…and always remember …

that in the end, all that matters is the result and that is often bent especially in one… namely the eye of the respective viewer!


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Mein persönlicher FrühjahrsPutz

Mein persönlicher FrühjahrsPutz

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