What I want

If you were to ask me why I run this site(s), I would probably give you a typical lawyer’s answer:
„It depends…“

Then your (justified) question would be: „What for?“

„On who you are talking about here,“ I would say, „If it’s just about me, then I would like to encourage other (chronically) sick people and show them what might still be possible and encourage them never to give up. In addition, I want to reach their hearts and the hearts of as many other people as possible with my stories, entertain a little, inspire smiles, reflection and compassion and thus make them and myself happy.

When it comes to others and a generally good thing, I certainly want to give PARKINSON a face, get this disease out of anonymity on behalf of so many others and promote looking, approaching each other, not hiding and not being afraid of contact, because I believe that with openness, communication and tolerance your, mine and all of our lives will simply be better.

And since many great people (often volunteers) stand up for other people every day anew, I would like to give a hint to them, be it the Parkinson’s Association, the Young Parkinson’s Patients or another of the many self-help groups that can be found on the „Encouragement Pages“ among other things.“

I would say all this to you if you asked me why I run this site(s) and then I would take you in my arms and thank you for your honest interest and hope that I can reach you and your heart.



Your Anja Allmanritter

I don’t want much.

Just want to  touch people.

And will not retreat a millimeter from the disease.

I don’t want much.

Coping through writing is my goal.

Giving up has never been my style.

I don’t want much.

Just want to touch people.


My Writing Blog


Ich bin …

Ich bin …

Und Gott sprach zum Menschen: Ich bin der Wind, der sich unter deinen Flügeln ausbreitet und dich fliegen lässt, kleiner Vogel. Und dann trug er ihn sanft hinauf und ließ ihn durch die Lüfte gleiten. Er sprach: Ich bin das Wasser, das sich unter deine Flossen legt und...

Vertrödelte Zeit

Vertrödelte Zeit

Verlorene Zeit Ich habe dich verloren. Trödelei ist nur etwas für Kinder. Erwachsene nutzen die Zeit sinnvoll. Im Voraus verplant und berechnet. Trödelei ist nur etwas für Kinder. Am Ende der Rechnung steht ein Gewinn. Aus nackten, kalten Zahlen und ohne Lebensfreude....

Verlorene Zeit

Verlorene Zeit

Ich habe dich verloren. Irgendwo auf meinem Lebensweg. Unzählige Male sogar. Ich habe dich verloren. Habe ich das wirklich? Oder kommt es mir nur so vor? Ich habe dich verloren. Irgendwo auf meinem Lebensweg.


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