Once upon a time
the sun did always shine
and life was just a pleasure.
Once upon a time,
„he“ thought „she“ should be mine,
but „she“ felt under pressure.
Once upon that time,
„she“ asked „him“ for a sign,
she wanted more than leisure.
Once upon a time,
„he“ didn’t spend a dime
to draw up plans, however.

Once upon that time,
„he“ listened to the chime.
It sang about a measure.
Once upon that time,
„he“ drank a glass of wine,
„he“ wasn’t an aggressor.
Once upon that time,
„she“ said „he“ would be fine –
this militant successor.
Once upon a time,
a bride gleamed like sunshine,
she felt to be „his“ „treasure“
Once upon all time,
nothing will just be mine
without supreme endeavor.

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