Just a kiss, just a smile, just a hug for a while.

Just a look, just a blink, just another wink.

Questions without words – that waiting, it hurts.

His calling: salvation – indeed. His love is everything that I need.
Just some drinks, just some gigs, just one of his common tricks.

Just a girl, just a wolf, the first touch in his Golf.

Some flattering words – my desire, it hurts.

His closeness: temptation – indeed. His art of seduction:
heart feed.

Just a dream, just a hope, an illusion like a dope.

Just an unexperienced lamb, just a dream that I damn.

Wishes without satisfaction – there‘s no affection.

His promise: lustful – indeed. My sex is the only thing that he needs.
Just a dream, just a wish, just one stolen kiss.

Just a hug, just sex, a relation: complex.

Real love: an illusion – indeed. There’ll never again be a man that I
ever need.
I will never be so naive again – indeed. Sex will – from
now on – be the only thing that I also need.

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