It’s time to say my last „goodbye “,
no time for tears, no time to cry.
I’ve had a life in harmony,
there is no time for you to be
so sad and so deeply depressed.
I always did my very best
for you, my child, for you my man.
There’s nothing left for me that can
destroy our love, so deep and clear
or change our feelings to be near.
I understand and have to see
there is no chance for me to flee.
I know that it will hurt,

but life is no dream concert.
Love and grief belong together,
love without loss you will have never.
They are two sides of just one coin,
impossible for each of us to join
just one of them, the one we like.
There’ll always be a second side.
They share a coin all the time.
There’ll always be rain with sunshine.
So come and see

there’ll always be
a good, a bad side of one coin
and we will never ever join
only the nice and happy one,
good times without bad you will have none.

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